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Music studio


Let us start with centerpiece of the studio, the vintage analog Harrison Series12 mixing console.

Many famous songs comes from a Harrison desk:

  • Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and "Bad" albums
  • Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation"
  • SeriesTenSade's album Promise (including the track "Sweetest Taboo")
  • Many Queen songs including the instantly recognizable sound of "Another One Bites the Dust"
  • Paul Simon's "Graceland"
  • Kacey Musgraves's "Rainbow"
  • ...


Many successful artists, from ABBA to Zappa, chose a Harrison console for their personal studios.


This Harrison vintage analog SeriesTwelve console has 96 inputs, 24 mic amps, instant total recall, full dynamics, flying P&G faders, touchscreen, spare Mac computers. This is an amazing mixing console. I have modified the console with about 12.000 components and is still in new condition. I can demonstrate the workflow and sound for the buyer.

Imagen recording, mixing and mastering on the same console without the need of an outboard EQ because there is not a better and accurate EQ than this one. Soon you are done with mixing goos back from the top and play that song again. The Harrison does the mixing for you in exact the same way you have done, EQ's, compression, pannings, gates, faders, auxes, routings, the entire console is automated with the speed of Protools but in an analog way (I use Harrison Mixbus). There is no other brand who has instant total recall in an analog console than Harrison. It is expensive but a dream to work with. Together with the world famous tube microphones and tube outboard gear included in the sell of this studio, you gonna reach the quality artists you are looking for. Plus a studio construction wich is build on suspensions to reach the highest standards.


The 4 pilons in the recording room are mounted on the sealing gives electricity connections and microphone inputs to keep cables away from the ground.


The microphone cables are double shielded and are as short as possible and the same for multi cables running true the studio. No noise, clear and pure.


These beauties are included in the sale: 
  •  2x Sony C800G tube microphones full kit sublime condition
  • 2x AKG The Tube tube microphones modified to C12
  • 1x Neumann U67 tube microphone flaws
  • 4x Avantone C12 tube microphones modified per two for stereo recordings. Eachts pair his is own sound
  • 2x Neumann U47 tube microphones made by Flea marvelous
  • Hyfang SYT-2 modified tube microphone
  • TubeTech CL1B compressors
  • Manley Variable MU stereo compressor
  • Summit DCL200 stereo tube compressor
  • Urei LA-12 stereo compressor
  • 2x Urei LA-10 mono compressors
  • Höf Dynamic Master compressor
  • Höf Höfex Spectral Exiter
  • 3x RME ADI-96 Pro mastering AD converter dual mic amp
  • 4x RME ADI-8 DS AD-DA converter modified
  • RME ADI-2 converter
  • RME Multiface
  • RME Fireface UC
  • SPL analog DE-ESSER 2 channels
  • Lexicon 300 with Larc
  • Roland SDE-330 delay effects
  • 3x Bantam Bittree 96 point patchbay
  • SPL Loudness Maximiser
  • 2x Tascam MX-4  4 channels recapt high quality mic amps
  • Antares 1a outboard autotune
  • Nakamichi DR-2 professional cassettedeck
  • Furman Power conditioner PL Plus E Series
  • Furman PL8-E
  • Yamaha SPX-990 effect processor
  • Eventide H3000 D/SE
  • ATC T16 studio monitors amazing quality floating on a rail system to bring them easily to the sweet spot
  • 7x Behringer Powerplay 16 personal mixers
  • 8x stands for personal mixers
  • Edax VTP-100 Tube mic amp and DI amplifier
  • 10x extra Harrison Series10 mic amps
  • SPL SX-2 Psycho Dynamic Processor
  • Behringer Powerplay P16-1
  • Behringer P16-D
  • Tascam IF-AE8HR AES/EBU / TDIF-Konverter



  • Yamaha C6 Conservatory grand piano from 1992 coming from Berlin
  • Hammond A105 (keys B3) and fully bass pedals with Leslie


The recording room has a size of about 100m² and was built on suspensions. The control room has a size of 42m² and is provided with suspensions as well.





€ 575.000

Measurements/ dimensions


  • recording room: 100,00m²
  • control room: 42,00m²

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